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Enhance Your Flavour Experience With

Our Collection of Premium Condiments

Black Mountain Foods Spices

Our passion for great tasting, quality ingredients have been the inspiration behind the latest addition to the Black Mountain Foods Range. We have worked timelessly to develop unique and delicious spices that bring bold and exciting flavours to any dish.

Chip Sprinkle 80g –
Harissa Sprinkle 70g –
Beef Rub 60g –
Roast Veg Sprinkle 60g –
Chicken Rub 60g –

Himalayan Salt With Herb Grinder –
Mixed Herbs –

Black Mountain Foods Sauces

Our sauce range is designed to elevate any meal. From a rich salad dressing to tangy and spicy hot sauces, we have something for everyone. Our sauces are made with high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking to add some extra depth to a classic dish or spice up your lunchtime sandwich, our sauces are the perfect way to enhance your flavour experience. With a variety of flavours and heat levels, you’re sure to find the perfect sauce to suit your taste buds. So why not try them all and discover your new favourite?

Mild Portuguese 500ml –
Buffalo wings, grilled chicken thighs mmm… This medium heat sauce is perfect for a marinade or basting.
Salad Dressing 500ml –
BlackMountain’s take on the tangy Italian dressing. Ideal for any salad or as a dip for crudité.
Jalapeno BBQ 500ml –
Medium heat marinade, basting or even dipping sauce, perfect for any beef or chicken dish.
Braai Relish 500ml
Embellish your burger with this relish! It packs a punch to any word roll.

Black Mountain Foods Mayo’s

Peri Mayonnaise 500ml –
A flavourful creamy mayonnaise, with a slight Peri Peri infusion.
Chip Mayonnaise 500ml –
This is fantastic Black Mountain take on traditional South African Chip Dip.
Burger Mayonnaise 500ml –
This Burger Mayonnaise adds a Tangy flavour to any delicious Chicken or Beef burger.