Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods

Black Ridge Foods cc T/A Black Mountain Foods & Black Mountain Meats; herein referred to as “BMF” or “the Company”.
Company Reg:2011/011436/23

The terms and conditions of sale set out herein shall apply to all supply of goods; “the Goods” by Black Ridge Foods cc and its trading-as subsidiaries; “BMF” or “the Company” to consumers; herein referred to as “the Customer”. Please note that the Consumer Protection Act is upheld by BMF. Relating to: Promotions, Advertising, Social media platforms, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Copyrights, Intellectual property notwithstanding All material, copyrights, intellectual property; notwithstanding; remains the sole property/ownership of BMF and its members.

Standard Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods

Errors and Omissions Excepted; herein referred to “E&OE”; is applicable to all published/printed/social media material made for public and private usage or dissemination relating to BMF. Advertising and Marketing documents whether hardcopy or electronic are made/done for the benefit of customers and are used as promotional activities. While every effort is made to convey correct products and prices to customers, this is sometimes not always the case due to mis-prints or mis-interpretations. BMF holds no liability whatsoever to for these mis-prints or mis-interpretations and will not enter into compensation with the customer unless so determined by BMF members. E&OE will be applicable to all materials whether E&OE is present on such material or not.

“While stocks last” in applicable to all published/printed/social media material made for public and private usage or dissemination relating to BMF and it’s trading as even if not printed or seen on such materials. BMF has the right to limit stocks made available through is advertising mediums or directly in store of products/items on promotion and/or specials and/or regular stock items without notification. When said products/items are “not available”; as defined and decided by BMF; then these items are considered not available for sale or no longer available for sale.


BMF has full control of it’s pricing structures; including pricelists; and unless written permission has been given by BMF members, cannot be made available to another person/entity outside of that pricing structure. Pricing structures include; but not limited to; BMF Factory, BMF Factory Shop, BMF Catering and any sub-structure prices to 3rd party retailers/distributors. All relevant Pricing Structures can be made available upon request. Pricing can change without notification and are applicable with immediate effect unless agreed to in writing with BMF members only. Due to the fact that this company works with perishable meats and foods; which are hyper price sensitive, pricing can change on a day to day basis and without notification. These price increases will be passed onto customers; unless written accommodation has been entered into with BMF members; with immediate effect. While every effort is made to minimise these price fluctuations, it is not always possible. Please be advised that factors that can affect price changes include; but not limited to: Diesel/Oil/Petrol increases, Vat or Tax increases, Animal feed price increases, logistic increases e.g. e-Toll, plastic prices, Weather effects etc.

Return of Goods 

All goods purchased must be returned with an original sales slip. This is imperative for BMF to be able to ascertain date and time of purchase and pricing charged so as to either investigate the reason for return or to refund the customer through card-sale refund via a speedpoint for the return or to refund the customer through goods exchanged to the value of the initial returned item value; all these at the discretion of BMF management and/or members. Failure of the customer to return goods with an original sales slip will null and void any refund to the customer by BMF. Due to the fact that BMF sells fresh meat products these products must be kept/stored/transported under cold-chain conditions; meaning a temperature under 4°c; should meat products not be stored/transported under cold-chain conditions then return of these products cannot be entered into by BMF as product spoilage and product shelf-life will occur quickly outside of this condition; unless so approved by BMF management and its members. Dry goods or non-perishable products may be exchanged or refunded by a customer so long as an original sales slip accompanies the product/item return.


 Orders may be placed with BMF for available products. Contact the relevant manager and/or BMF head-office to place orders. Unless previously arranged or written permission has been given by BMF members, all orders placed must be paid for in advance prior to deliver or customer collection. This is to avoid any loss of stock. Whilst every effort is made to maintain pricing with orders placed, it is not always possible to

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